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Next Steps to Your Future - Class of 2021

Through a program called Next Steps to Your Future students from the class of 2021:

  • Can be assigned a summer advisor to help with any next steps after graduation.

  • May be eligible to take a FREE summer class through the UH community colleges

  • May be eligible for a Next Steps Scholarship to a UH System school in the fall of 2021.

Learn more and sign up to participate here.

CHS Rising Senior Summer Transition Workshop

Head into your senior year prepared for the college application and financial aid process! 

Who is eligible to participate?
This workshop is for students heading into their senior year of high school - class of 2022.

What will be covered in the summer workshop? 
- Career exploration
- Creating a college list
- Crafting a personal statement
- Tools for ACT preparation
- Financial aid for college
- 1-1 advising with your college counselor

When is the workshop?
June 7 - 18
9 - 11am
(Space is limited and reserved on a first come, first served basis)

How will the workshop be held?
The workshop will be held online, primarily through Google Meets

Register for the workshop using the form below by Wednesday, May 14. Confirmation emails will be sent by May 28.

Any questions, please contact Ms. Kaonohi ( or Mr. Takemoto (

Junior Jumpstart (Virtual)

**This event has ended. Click to view presentation slides.

College planning night intended for junior students and parents.

Get important information about the college admissions and financial aid process!

Tuesday, April 13


Tentative Agenda
5:30PM  Welcome
5:40PM  Admissions 101 (CHS College Counselors)
6:10PM  Financial Aid (UHWO & Hawaiʻi P20 Financial Aid Officers)

Meeting link:

Meeting number: 120 635 7091

Password: castle2022

Join by video system


You can also dial and enter your meeting number.

Join by phone

+1-213-306-3065 United States Toll (Los Angeles)

1-844-621-3956 United States Toll Free

Access code: 120 635 7091

Global call-in numbers Toll-free calling restrictions

Questions? Contact Mrs. Kaonohi at

Applying & Paying for College Parent Presentation

Taking into consideration the safety and logistical challenges with having a parent night, the College & Career Resource Center has recorded and uploaded our presentations for you to view at the convenience and safety of your home. 

Applying & Paying for College Presentation (also assigned to seniors in Advisory)

Financial Aid | FAFSA Webinar

Please donʻt hesitate to reach out should you have any questions or would like to schedule a 1-1 appointment to complete your FAFSA.

**Meet your UH System campus rep, go through the application, and get your questions answered! Attend a virtual UH System Application Day. See more info here

Free Application for Federal Student Aid

Why complete the FAFSA?

  • Federal & State aid

  • Private & community based scholarships that require a completed FAFSA

When should I do a FAFSA?

  • The FAFSA opens on October 1st each year and is first come, first served money so apply early!

  • Every year!

What do I need to complete a FAFSA?

  • 2019 income statement (year-end paystub or W-2 forms) for student and parent, if applicable.

  • 2019 Federal tax return for student and parent, if applicable.

  • Social security number for student and parent, if applicable.

How do I submit a FAFSA?

Find more detailed info about the FAFSA as well as information about things like what happens next and what to do if you are selected for verification HERE.

In lieu of our usual FAFSA Completion Night, the College & Career Resource Center will be available for 1-1 appointments for students/families that would like help completing the FAFSA. Click here to make an appointment.

Personalized Text Support from CCRC

For c/o 2021 & c/o 2022

CCRC will reach out via text message to offer personalized support to make post-high school plans. You and your parent can receive texts, as well as send us a text if you have any questions. 

We will be most available during school hours, pending meetings, in-classroom activities, etc. Texts received outside of school hours will be responded to as time permits. 

For those that sign up to participate, one student will be randomly selected to win a 128 GB, 10.2 inch Apple ipad, WIFI version, valued at $429. Mahalo to our sponsor, Hawaiʻi P20!

Students from the c/o 2020 who participated in this texting program were eligible to apply for a portion of a $2 million scholarship through Hawaii Community Foundation. Multiple students from last year won scholarships ranging from $2,700 to $10,000!!! 

Instructions for completing and returning the texting consent form by Friday, September 18:

  1. Download the consent form.

  2. Open it up as a pdf (this will make it form fillable).

  3. Type in your information and sign.

  4. Have (1) parent/guardian sign off as well.

  5. Save it to your computer.

  6. Email it to Ms. Kaonohi:

Reach out if you have any questions!

C/O 2021 Summer To Do List

College application and financial aid season begins when you get back to school  ! Enjoy your summer, but also use this time to prepare and head into the school year a little less stressed!

Here are 5 ways to put your summer break to good use:

1. Create your college list

Use Navianceʻs Supermatch tool to filter through colleges that meet your criteria (ex. Location, Major, School size, Etc). Take advantage of the school's virtual tours! Can you picture yourself thriving there? 

Narrow your colleges down to 3-5 (though this number can vary) schools and add them to your Colleges Iʻm Applying to tab. Weʻll discuss these schools on your list when you sit with Mr. Takemoto or Ms. Kaonohi for your 1-1 appt. Youʻll also use this tab to request transcripts be sent to your schools (more info on that later!). 

Check your list. Do you have a good balance of Safety, Target, and Dream schools?

Safety: Schools in which it is almost certain that you will be accepted and is also financially feasible to attend.

Target: Schools in which it is likely that you will be accepted.

Dream: Schools in which it may be a long shot to be accepted, but still possible. 

2. Review & assess 

Now that you have your college list, itʻs time to review and assess: 

Admission requirements - Ask yourself if you have the GPA, test scores, and courses needed to get into the schools on your list? Do you need letters of recommendation? How many and who are you going to ask? Are you missing a certain credit and need to add it to your senior schedule? Should you sign up to retake the ACT/SAT? If so, be sure to study at least a month in advance!

Official prep for the ACT:

Official prep for the SAT:

Note about ACT/SAT: With the cancelation of the ACT and SAT summer test dates, as well as the uncertainty of whether testing will be available in the fall, many colleges and universities are going test-optional, meaning that you do not have to send in your test scores with your application if you choose not to. However, direct entry programs, like nursing, and scholarships may still require test scores so you still want to shoot for your best score possible.

Deadlines - When is the early, priority, final application deadline to apply for your schools? What is the priority and final deadline for financial aid for all of your schools? If youʻre trying to get into a specific program, do they have a seperate application with a different deadline? When is the housing application deadline? When does the FAFSA become available? Hint: Oct 1st, and you want to complete it as close to 10/1 as possible since money is first come, first served! Start jotting these dates on your calendar or planner! Stay on top of your deadlines and eliminate some stress!

3. Update your resume 

Along with needing it for your PTP portfolio, many colleges and scholarships will ask for your experiences and list of achievements. Use the summer to update experiences, dates, and personal info, as well as fix any grammatical and formatting errors.

4. Work on your personal statement

Again something youʻll need for your PTP portfolio, as well as for college and scholarship applications. Finding the time to work on a time consuming personal statement during your hectic senior school year can be stressful. If you donʻt have one already, use the summer to brainstorm topics - which can sometimes be harder than writing the essay itself! Click here if youʻre having writerʻs block! Have one already? Use this time to make edits, share it with a parent, friend who can give you feedback.

5. Make a Common App account and start filling it out

For those not familiar with Common App, it is a college application that you may use to apply to any of the 800+ member colleges, possibly decreasing the amount of applications you need to complete! Check if you are applying to a Common App school. Become familiar with the site and start filling it out - trust me when I say it is one very hefty application that will take you many sittings to complete. What required information and documents will you need time to gather so you can complete the CA? Does the schools you're applying to require a personal statement or supplemental insight questions? Start brainstorming now!

And lastly...

  • Want to meet with Mr. Takemoto or Ms. Kaonohi over the summer to talk about your college list, next steps, or just talk story about your future plans? Email us to set up a 1-1 meeting :)

  • The College and Career Resource Center is offering personalized text support to the students and families from the c/o 2021, beginning the fall of 2020. To participate, please complete the attached form. You can email your form to Ms. Kaonohi or Mr. Takemoto, or return to it to use when you return to school. 

Class of 2020 Awards!

Congratulations to these distinguished students from the class of 2020 for their hard work and perseverance! 

View our Awards video here! (the file is too big to post!)


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